Laundry Day!!

With all of this fabric flying around the sewing studio, there is certainly plenty of yardage that needs to be prepped. Those of you who sew know the importance of working with fabric that is free of sizing and starches that can sometimes be used by the mills to make sure they print and press the colors and patterns accurately. It's also important to pre-shrink the fabric before I start cutting so there are no surprises when you take your goods out of the dryer!

So, before I begin any project, I wash and dry all of the fabric yardage. At our house, we use Young Living Thieves Laundry Soap. It's my soap-of-choice for many reasons, including that it's missing those nasty, toxic, chemicals that artificially suds up your regular detergent. SUPER important to me! It's also free of dyes and artificial fragrances. As I have MAJORLY sensitive skin, switching to this soap has eliminated any "belly rash" I would sometimes get around my waist and chest from other laundry detergents. Ask Patrick about June 2019 before we switched detergents. It WAS. NOT. CUTE. Actually, don't. It was really gross.

In May our old washer decided she was done, striking fear into the hearts of both human and animal (Ollie was terrified), with a jackhammer-esque banging sound that left everybody on edge during the spin cycle. This family does not negotiate with terrorist appliances, so after an email to our awesome landlords, this GORGEOUS, QUIET, EFFICIENT beast was delivered. It uses a fraction of the water our old one did - seriously, our water bill dropped by $40 in June. This bill reduction inspired me to "Frugal Frannie" the rest of our laundry process. I mean, I had to figure out just how much more we could $AVE!

Heellooo, baby!
Washing Machine Hotness

I had heard about taking the Thieves Laundry Soap, which is ALREADY 6X concentrated, and extending it even further (!!!) with a little Thieves Household Cleaner. Yep. I am getting 64 loads out of each pump bottle. That makes them $7.80 each - 64 loads per bottle - that's 192 loads of laundry, sans icky cleaning agents, for $23.40.

Here's how to make the Laundry Magic happen...

Separate your laundry soap equally into three (3) 32oz pump bottles. These babies are 32oz (1Liter), BPA-FREE, Plastic (PETE1), and pack of 3, and can be ordered from Amazon, here.

"Sweet labels, gurl." Yeah, I know - I saved those from our last few bottles of laundry soap. Peeled and re-stuck.

Add 2 capfuls of Thieves All-purpose Household Cleaner to each pump bottle for extra cleaning power! I also added 15 drops of Lavender essential oil to each bottle because it SMELLS SO GOOD!

Fill slowly (SLOWLY) with distilled water, gently shake until evenly distributed.


I use Use 2-3 pumps per large load.

While I do not use fabric softener on the garments and goods I make, we'll cover some toxin-free fabric softener options in a later post! SNEAK PEEK - it involves hair conditioner. For real.

Wanna try this laundry hack? I can hook you up with the goods you need!

Love, gratitude, and clean clothes,


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