Fall is in the Air!

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

I LOVE the scents of Fall! Anytime there's a baking spice blending with citrus I am definitely interested. A couple of years ago I became sensitive to "fragrances" in popular plug-in fresheners and some commercially produced candles, and started looking for a natural alternative that wouldn't give me a sore throat, cough, or itchy eyes and skin. After a little research I found I could get all of awesome smells of autumn and fresh laundry without dicey chemicals using oils I had at home.

These simple room refresher sprays are so easy to make, and can be tailored to anyone's taste. (They also make a FANTASTIC gift!)

All you need is:

1 - 2oz glass spray bottle

10 -12 drops of HIGH QUALITY essential oils - I prefer Young Living

1 oz distilled water

1 oz witch hazel or cheap vodka (allows the spray to dry quicker!)

A chunk or two of Himalayan Salt (helps keep the oils mixed with the water and witch hazel/vodka)

Add all of these ingredients to your spray bottle and shake gently. This mix method works great for fabric and room refreshers. Avoid spraying in eyes, on pets or finished wood - not everything is meant for essential oils!

Here are the four I've made this Fall:

Sunshine: Lemon + Lavender

Autumn Spice: Cinnamon + Ginger + Clove + Cardamom

Fall Bliss: Peppermint + Orange + Frankincense + Lime

Good Night: Lavender + Cedarwood

Experiment with the combos and blend recipes! You can also add a good quality vanilla extract for that extra cozy aroma!


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