Fall Aprons are Here!

Aprons are a tradition in my family's home. The cooks (and Cooks - haha!) I grew up with even bring their favorite aprons to holiday meals where their help MIGHT be needed by the host or hostess! Seriously, my mother has her favorites, and they hang in the pantry in the order which she prefers them - most favorite one on top! The selection in my pantry is a little more limited, but there are several hanging there, too!

To celebrate our love of food and family - and keepin' our clothes clean(er), I've created these beautiful, but tough, aprons.

mocha colored linen apron with adjustable neck
The Shelli Apron - Traditional adjustable neck and side ties.

There are three styles I really love:

The Shelli - named for my amazing cousin who has more style in her big toe than I ever will - a traditional apron with adjustable neck and side ties. This apron is one size. A child-sized version is also available.

The Jen - a tribute to my always classy bestie since I was 14 years old - a semi-pinafore style that crosses the back, then ties from the sides. This is also one size, but fully adjustable, and a kid version is available, too.

green linen apron cross-back style
The Jen Apron - cross ties from the shoulders through the sides.

The Rosie - named for one of the kindest and best crafters out there whom I had the good fortune of meeting in grad school - a full-on pinafore apron that slips on easily over the head. This is the only sized apron I make. Sizes are based on chest and hips. I also have patterns for the littles here, too.

Each style is made from a cotton linen blend. Why the blend? There's a durability and softness that is unmatched. Also, this Essex Yarn-dyed Linen from Robert Kaufman comes in a boat load of colors - including HOT PINK - so I can sew up almost any color your heart desires.

blue linen pinafore apron
The Rosie Apron - Full-on pinafore goodness!

Caring for these babies is easy too. The aprons wash up well on a cold, gentle cycle. Please avoid bleaching agents as they weaken the linen fibers. (Another reason to use a blend with cotton!) There are some folks who will tumble dry on low, and some who prefer to hang dry. I'm a "hang dry" gal, as sometimes dryers can be inconsistent, and well, cotton shrinks. Hanging dry will also preserve the print on the canvas lining fabric.

All aprons are available in the B&B Etsy shop, here.

I L-O-V-E making custom versions of styles, so feel free to shoot me an email at to talk colors and fabric patterns!

Please take a moment to get outside and enjoy all that Fall has to offer - the leaves, the cider...ALL the PSLs.#noshame here.

Stay safe, mask up, and be well my friends!

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